-By Nutz Grubner-
I recently read a blog post giving tips to hockey moms, and offering a free “Hockey Mom Survival Kit” to one lucky reader. Though the blog in question is sponsored by the company that just happens to make all of the products in said Survival Kit, as well as every product mentioned in the article itself I’m not here to take any credibility from the author of the post or the post itself. Frankly, the company in question, does make a lot of great products to be regularly used by hockey moms everywhere. The products mentioned are very good for the purposes mentioned and said Survival Kit, as well as the tips, would surely be helpful to any hockey mom out there. But what is a new hockey dad to do…READ MORE


-by Tyson Michie-
Driving through the Boundary region of southern British Columbia, so named for its proximity to the Canada/US border, you can’t help but feel in your gut that there is history in the hills. A quick trip through small town Grand Forks, or even smaller town Greenwood, will tell you your gut is a smart guy. The story of this region is the story of Western expansion; mining, logging, and railroads giving birth to camps and settlements across what is now British Columbia and Washington. As a linking valley between the province and state, the area would come to identify with both Canada and the US. Some of the settlements would survive, others would not, but they would all play their role in the history of the region, province, and nation….READ MORE


-by Tyson Michie-
Take a trip through the many different hockey related message boards, chat areas, and blogs, and you’re likely to find the purveying attitude that NHL players participating in the Olympics is the best thing since someone first put blade to ice. Sure, there are detractors, but in the end they eventually capitulate to the point that, while they may not like it, the Olympics is for the best so the best should go. It’s a valid point, but it belies the true reason so many want and need the NHL at the Olympics…READ MORE



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